Skydiving is...?

...fooling around with rescue equipment?!
For me it is one of the best sports in the world. It is not only that you get a buzz when doing your freefall. It just let's my heart do the happy dance. It is a sense of freedom when you are up in the sky like a bird. For outsiders that might be trite but I already savor the time before leaving the aircraft while watching the ever-changing cloud formations and enjoying the fantastic view.

Specific Disciplines

Skydiving is first and foremost a type of movement. Only it's not horizontal but vertical. There is for instance the relative work, also called formation skydiving. Relative work means skydiving with other people who perform a "dance" during freefall. That is, they hold each other by the arm and leg trying to build a special formation. It's probably the most popular discipline in skydiving. Relative work requires special training, perfect teamwork and absolute concentration.
On the other hand, there is the so-called "freefall". The freefall is a single jump - just choose your preferred body position - head first, in a seating position, upright standing and this with up to 186.5 mph. Sometimes it looks like a 3D ballet, sometimes like clownery.
Finally, there is skysurfing - a subtype of the freefall. Just put a kind of snowboard under your feet and then go surfing through the sky.