How much does it cost?

Tandem skydiving

Tandem skydiving costs ~ 180-200 per jump. A freefall videoman may tape your skydive for an additional 80.

You wanna go jumping on your own?

This course can be done on a weekend and costs ~ 350. Generally, the course includes a tandem skydive and two solo jumps with automatically opening canopies.

I want to become a real skydiver!

DThe beginner course costs ~ 500. However, you should always compare the benefits that are included (how many jumps, the fee for hiring a parachute, training material, etc.). Example: at the skydiving club Westerstede you pay 500 for a beginner course which includes 6 jumps with automatic canopy opening, the lending fee, the Absetzkosten (I have no idea how to translate this one), glasses, a logbook (where you record your jumps), a packing belt (for packing your parachute) and the training material. Each successive jump runs from 14-28 plus the lending fee of 4 per jump (Note! Some clubs or skydiving schools take up to 20 per jump). All in all this can amount to 1000 until you finally get your licence.

How much does the equipment cost?

New equipment costs ~ 5.500. There is a used equipment market which can save you loads of money. Depending on the market situation, equipment age or by lucky chance you can get the complete equipment already for 2.750. You have to bargain for at least 2.500. Generally, you may buy it all at once or a piece at a time.
Additionally you will need the following (original price):
Headgear 100-250
Altimeter 100
Suit (generally custom-ordered): 150-300