Is skydiving dangerous?

Actually, each sport is kind of dangerous. Or let me say it with George Orwell: "Sport is war minus the shooting". However, most people think that skydiving is dangerous because your canopy might not open or because of the height from which to jump. From my point of view, as it comes to the technology this sport is one of the safest. Accidents are mainly caused by carelessness and overestimation of one's own capabilities.

How fast do you fall?

This depends on your body position - standard face-to-earth position, standing-up or diving in freefall. In "normal" freefall you are moving at a speed of 90-150 mph. Up to a certain extent you may vary your rate of fall by changing your body position.

How hard is the landing?

You have to differentiate between the classic round canopies and the "square" canopies. The round canopies are only seldom used today. Landing can be quite hard as the round canopies are not really famous for their manoeuvrability. Nowadays, nearly all jumpers and jump schools use rectangular canopies. They act more like an airplane wing when open and can be slowed down and landed like an airplane providing for tippy-toe soft landings even for the novice jumper.

How to land where I wish?

Rectangular canopies which are more like gliders than umbrellas are exceptionally manoeuvrable so that you could even land on a 5 Euro banknote. (Unfortunately, there is seldom lying any money on the ground). By the way, most students land standing up on their first jump.

What are the age requirements?

There is no age-restriction for tandem skydives. The only prerequisite is: you have to fit into the parachute tandem system.
You are 18 or older - no problem, just join the crazy air folks. Sixteen year olds may jump with parental consent. If you are under 16, additionally a special medical estimate is required.

What is the worst of skydiving?

Going back to work on Mondays.

What is a whuffo?

Colloquialism, noun, A person who is not a skydiver (from the often-asked phrase "Whuffo you jump out of them airplanes?").

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